Our Story

To paraphrase: “We can’t preserve a feeling, we can only live it. And so it is. Each day we sing the universe into being and give thanks.”

The day after The 3rd Bell came together, this quote found its way to the band. It’s an old inscription from the front of a used book on Native American Wisdom. The chance finding of the book fits with the band’s pursuit of inspiration in unexpected places.

The 3rd Bell write, sing, perform, and live their stories, their feelings. That process is an act of gratitude, a chance to bring the world of their music to life. You are welcome in their world.

With long individual careers that span many musical genres, the band sounds like what might happen if Paul Simon and Kamasi Washington put a small band together. The focus is on rhythm, poetic lyrics, pop song structures, improvisation and forward motion. The 3rd Bell: “Words meet music and tradition meets technology to dance on the world stage.”

Songs like The Secret Of Flying, The Voice Of Mercy, Ennovy’s Blessing, and Change Change Change deal with finding our way, redemption, and recognizing love. Songwriter Lee Marvin mines the link between feelings, philosophy and change. 
With Brad Hubbard on Baritone Sax, Flute, and EWI (electronic wind instrument), Ed Murphy on Drums and Percussion, Alejandro Castro on Guitar, and Lee Marvin on Vocal and  Bass, The 3rd Bell has a unique combination of instruments and personalities. A typical set of music features all four musicians as soloists and accompanists. The goal is to have a small, entertaining, group of musicians with a big, versatile sound.

Social context is an important part of music. The 3rd Bell is seeking an inclusive community that values individuality and creativity, and reflects our diverse world. Their music celebrates that world.

If the first bell rings for the sun and the second for the moon, THE 3RD BELL rings for all that lives between.