A Face Of The Dream

The human race has dreamed for thousands of years. Dreamed of love, mercy, community, forgiveness, faith, hope, trust, inspiration, generosity, and means. That dream is passed on, changing faces over time. Maintaining momentum. We listen for the dream and hope that the music provides it safe passage. We celebrate these roots.

This is the inspiration and these are the lyrics to a new song;

A Face Of The Dream 
I am here 
From ancient places 
Seeking my wings 
So far from the drums 
That would guide me 
A Schanachie  
Beyond the people of my stories 
A face of the dream 
Roots ages deep 
Calls to me 
A face of the dream 

In my ears 
The hoarse whisper  
Of runes once removed

No need for names 
From oceans and shores 
On this fertile earth

A face of the dream 
Roots ages deep 
Calls to me 
A face of the dream 
Mother, father, partner, child 
I dream 
Of the place where finger meets string 
Here I abide 
As instinct ripens 
Seeking my wings 
To fly as a face of the dream


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