Rebecca Is Counting - New Recording 

2020 is off to a good start. I've been working on my home studio for awhile now and these are the first public results. Engineered and mixed by Eternal with his usual great vibe. My fearless Production Dog, Russell, was on the case too. Big thanks to Brad and Ed!

                                                           Ed , Brad & Eternal

Rebecca Is Counting is a story about Bipolar disorder. About how it distorts perception and the ways that we structure our lives to deal with the conflicting points of view.

The bass under the vocal, flute and bari solos is synth played via MIDI on Lee's piccolo bass. The bass under the piccolo bass solo at the end is Brad on EWI

Rebecca Is Counting 

  These days throw colors 

  As she seeks numbers 

  An Icy blue smears summer 

  Red rages, truth moves under 

Rebecca is counting 

For her life 

Making lists, seeking her right 

The balance in equal on the edge of sight 

  Then the days throw numbers 

  As she wears the colors 

  Seven long days to seven long nights 

  That sharpen their teeth and time their bite 

Rebecca is painting 

For her life 

Blending colors, shadow and light 

Her picture sliding slowly into sight 

  Counting colors 

  Painting numbers 

  The fight is flight from unyielding night 

  Heart beating for balance with all its might 

Rebecca is dreaming 

Beyond these days 

What she will take as the price is paid 

And her task remains 

Rebecca is counting